Business Konttori is a place of entrepreneurship, cooperation and encounters where you can meet entrepreneurs, people interested in entrepreneurship and experts offering business services. Business Konttori also offers facilities for working remotely. You can come to Konttori alone or together, to work or to meet others. Everyone is welcome, this is the place for you!

The operating concept of Business Konttori lives and evolves as indicated by the users’ needs and wishes.

Who is it for?

Business Konttori is intended for entrepreneurs, those with an entrepreneurial spirit and people interested in entrepreneurship.

Business Konttori is also a place where you can do remote work. Anyone who comes to Kainuu on a business trip is also welcome at Konttori.

How can I use it?

Book a workstation and work flexibly as your schedules require

By registering and making a workstation booking in the reservation calendar, you can work at Business Konttori every day between 7:00 and 22:00.

Work without a booking

You can work at Business Konttori without a booking while the doors are open. Business Konttori does not have regular opening hours, and the doors are open when Kainuun Yrittäjät staff members are present.

Booking a conference room

A conference room (for at most 15 people) can be booked using the reservation calendar. The person who books the conference room is responsible for the reservation on behalf of the entire group.


Read Business Konttori’s booking instructions. Bookings are made in Timmi (an electronic facility booking calendar). To make a booking, strong identification with online banking credentials is needed. In case of any problems, please contact Kyösti Kauppinen, contact info below.

More detailed information

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