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Consider which skills the future employee should have, how much money should be budgeted for the recruitment, and what the planned schedule for the recruitment process is. In an international recruitment it is also a good idea to consider if you are looking for an employee in the EU/EEA area, third countries or all areas. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure at the start of the employment relationship that the new employee has the right to practise their profession. In Finland, official recognition of professional qualifications, legalisation of the right to practice a profession or registration of a protected title is required in certain professions. Recruitment companies offer services for the different stages of the recruitment process. The organisation can entrust the entire recruitment process to experts of this field. Many staff leasing agencies also have operations in third countries that support international recruitments..

Service path for an international recruitment

Teemu Ahtonen-TE

Entire Kainuu

Teemu Ahtonen

Asiantuntija, yrityspalvelut ja EURES-palvelut. Kansainvälinen rekrytointi

029 504 3105

Mari Möttönen-ELY

Entire Kainuu

Mari Möttönen

Team Finland kasvu- ja kansainvälistymiskoordinaattori. Yrityksen kansainvälistymisneuvonta, kansainvälistymisen rahoitus, Team Finland -palvelut, kv-osaajan rekrytointi

029 502 3570

Work in Finland -kansainvälisen rekrytoinnin valtakunnallinen työnantajaneuvonta tarjoaa työnantajille yleistason neuvontaa kansainvälisen rekrytoinnin eri vaiheisiin ma-pe klo 9-12 numerossa +358 295016770 (pvm/mpm).

The Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers helps employers based in Finland with their questions about recruiting international talent. The service covers recruitment of both international professionals who live abroad and those who are already based in Finland.  Employers are welcome to call us on 0295 016 770 (Mon–Fri, 9.00–15.00) to talk to our specialists, or email us at tyonantajaneuvonta (at)

The City of Kajaani’s International  Recruitment and Setling-in Services also provide help for employers in Kainuu region in matters related to recruitment of professionals with foreign background, from the different stages of recruitment to settling an employee in Kainuu.

You can get help from the experts in hiring a foreign-language expert who is living in Finland, or planning to relocate from another country. The coordinator of international recruitment can advise employers on issues such as residence permits and work permits, and help them find the best support services for their recruitment needs.

Once the right person is found, the City of Kajaani’s  Settling-in services coordinator can support the new employee and his/her family in building their everyday life and settling in to the province.

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Réka Tolonen

International Recruitment Coordinator. Issues related to residence permits and right to work. Guidance on support services related to recruitment needs.

+358 44 710 1428

Does your company need workforce? Do you want to employ foreigners? Edukai Oy’s Next Level -project helps businesses to employ foreigners that live in the Kainuu region.

Our services include matching of potential employees with the needs of the company and arranging necessary card and short-term training.  We offer various interpretation and translation services and workplace Finnish courses. Businesses can also receive support in the workplace in the introduction and guidance of foreign employees.

The services are tailored in accordance with the specific needs of the employer.  Our services are free of charge for employers.

Next Level -project is co-funded by European Union. The operation time is 2.10.2023-30.9.2026. 

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Anu Hankio

Project manager, Next Level -project | Employer and network collaboration I Project governance and communication

+358 40 185 5739

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Joona Heikkinen

Project coordinator, Next Level -project | Jobseeker and business customers

+358 40 630 9186

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Anna Shevchenko

Project coordinator, Next Level -project | Jobseeker and business customers

+358 40 187 1938